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What is The Live Your Best Life Community?
"It's like a really good workout for your heart and soul!"


The intention of this community is to create a space where people of all walks of life can receive education, upliftment and empowerment to create their highest dreams and desires in every area of their lives.


It is as a judgment-free, safe place for people to not only learn and grow as conscious, successful human beings, but also a place where they can connect with other like minded people who are interested in gaining inspiration and clarity to generate measurable results in their lives and the lives of others.


Lead by Bron Johnson, every Tuesday night we gather downtown Kelowna, BC in a spirit of fun, authentic, growth-orientated discussion and exercise to create massive positive change in everyone's life.

Being apart of this community simply means that you are committed to walking the exciting journey of discovering, creating and living your best life (whatever that means to you right now), regardless of who or where you are. Everyone is welcome. Come check out our next night!

When? Starts October 1st, 2019. Every Tuesday 7-9 PM.

Where? Agape Wellness Centre, Kelowna BC.

Price? $25 at the door or purchase now and save.

Not Satisfied? No problem. View my Refund Policy.