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My name is Bron Johnson and it is my highest passion to help people heal their past, connect with their authentic selves and create what they truly want in life. 

Through thousands of hours of studying, learning and practicing from some of the best educators in the field, I have made it my mission to help make the world a better place through my work.

I currently offer Private & Couples Coaching Sessions locally in the 📍Okanagan, BC and 🌎Online.

Don't be shy! If you have a question, please ask me now in the bottom right hand corner of this page and I'll respond to you the moment I'm available! Or book an introductory session with me now!


"Bron's information was in alignment with what was festering in my own mind and heart, and with great compassion and exceptional skill, he validated the truth for me. After speaking with him, I experienced tremendous relief because I know I am on the right path and in my right and perfect place, doing what I came here to do."

-Rev. Dr. Maureen Hoyt

Minister of Religious Science

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