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My mission is to make the world a better place by helping you Live Your Best Life.

I have been practicing as a Life Coach, Relationship Counsellor and Spiritual Mentor since 2011.

I specialize in helping you realize your true identity behind any fear, anxiety or self-limiting beliefs so that you can get to the truth of who you really are, what you truly want and how to actually create it right now in your life.

This work is important to me. I'm passionate about watching the progress and success of my clients, and I look forward to helping you too.


How I Got From Depression To Joy & Inner Peace...And How You Can Do It Too.


The Bald Soprano: My First Awakening

”Please, God... Universe... Jesus?... Whoever's up there, please tell me what to do…" I slowly mouthed to a stranger in the mirror who was strangled for answers.


It was September, 2009. I sat in my basement suite with two exhausted hands holding up my forehead in a panicked distress.


I was just about to enter my second semester at one of the top professional acting conservatories in Canada. Until then, it had been my highest dream all throughout high school to study with this particular acting academy. It was common knowledge they turned out more professional working actors than any other school in the country.


Like nearly every young artist in the industry, I had a burning desire to become an A-list actor in LA, working with the biggest names in Film & TV. 


At that point I was right on the success path my 5 year old self would have killed for. My fire was burning bright and for a long time it didn't look like anything could stop me.


The cold air in my room moved my chest rapidly, yet my eyelids fixed still to support my bulging pupils staring into nothingness. 


Why do I feel this way? I begged inside my head. What am I supposed to do?!…


Three years before I got to the school, I had been studying personal and spiritual development material in my spare time -- a passion that unexpectedly came upon me while directing a play in my senior year of high school entitled The Bald Soprano, an avant guard piece derived from the philosophy of existentialism (mans search for authentic meaning). 


This was the first time my ideas about God, religion, science and spirituality that were given to me by my family were challenged. My months spent interacting with this play inspired a profound sense of personal freedom within me. It was my first “awakening.”


“I can think whatever I want to think, therefor I can believe whatever I want to believe,” my brain would teem… “But what is the TRUE truth?”


My teenaged mind was cracked open with curiosity and I instantly became hungry to know the real answers to the questions mankind has been asking since he developed the capability to consciously perceive himself:


Who Are We, Really? 


What Do We Truly Want? 


How Do We Create Our Desires? 


I followed up with more modern day teachings to try to make sense of all the different schools of thought I was studying at the time (Sartre, Descartes, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, etc). 


It was normal for people my age to get high off marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, whereas I was taking long daily doses from teachers like Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill and Dr. Denis Waitley. The knowledge I injected into my veins from these wonderful influencers was my heroin and I couldn’t get enough.


I felt more free and self empowered than ever in my entire life. I started to see both success and failure patterns not only within myself, but also within other people. This lead me to develop a strong desire to help others by sharing what I’d discovered with anyone who’d listen.


With young and innocent enthusiasm, I would bark sentences like, “You can be happy and successful in life! If you understand how your mind and the Universe works!”


Oh, I was high alright…On hindsight, I likely came off as a bit of a quack. My immature mind didn’t know how to fully communicate the life changing truths I had discovered in a way others could fully relate to yet.


The more I practiced and got positive results, however, the more I realized that there was, indeed, a consistent, scientific nature to the way our lives unfolded, just as my teachers claimed.


Understanding these success principles gave me leverage to deliberately manifest more desirable outcomes, including getting into the school of my dreams. 


But still, the deeper down the rabbit hole I went, the more questions would sprout up through the fertile soil of my mind. I was still hungry for more.


I fantasized about rendezvousing with the vast depths of enlightenment that masters like Buddha and Jesus seemed to convey through their teachings.


As my curiosity peaked I started to become deeply conflicted on what I truly desired to be giving my time and attention to. With 14 hour school days, homework and side projects that lacked the particular spiritual depth I was craving, acting school began to feel more like a chore rather than an outlet for meaningful passion and creativity.


It was then that I stumbled upon a meditation program on the internet called Holosync, which marketed itself as an audio technology that produced natural frequencies which brought your brain into a deep state of meditation resulting in profound states of clarity, peace and joy.


“Meditate like a Zen monk at the push of a button,” the headline of their website so boldly claimed.


As skeptical as I was of something that sounded to good to be true, I did my research, ordered the introductory version of Holosync and started using it immediately.


Suffice to say, using the technology while meditating dramatically accelerated my sense of spiritual awakening. It felt as though my brain slowly started to be wiped clean of everything I felt negatively attached to so I could begin consciously choosing my relationship with myself, people, circumstances and all things.


Like muscles getting sore when you work them out in the gym, the fast, extraordinary shifts occurring within me were often preluded with strong emotional upheaval. 


With technology like Holosync, your brain receives direct stimuli that “works it out,” making it stronger and more resilient to any outer stimuli that could often be perceived as negative.


With all the lows came more frequent and consistent highs I had never experienced before. I began to feel levels of bliss and serenity I didn’t know existed, just like the programs marketing suggested.


There came a point after two months of meditating with Holosync where a new awareness was dawning upon me, followed by a poignant state of confusion that slowly started to dominate my mind.


“Is there something more important I need to be doing in the world other than pursuing a career in acting?”


During my meditations I started having visions of myself giving talks on personal development and spirituality. I sensed a powerful desire being born within me to help people consciously evolve their suffering within themselves and to help make the world a better place to live.


But I’m so young; surely I can’t do that, the voice in my head would chime. And what would my parents and friends think if I left school? What if it’s just my head playing games on me? What if I make the wrong decision? What if I give up my acting dream for nothing?


Even with all the self awareness practices I was doing, I didn’t feel there could be anything that would prepare me for the titanic shift I felt occurring within me.


If I don’t have acting, the most important thing in the world to me, then what do I have? If I’m not an actor, then who am I, really?


The very nature of who I was — my identity — was unexpectedly being threatened. I grew anxious and wary as my ego and soul battled for my truth.


One night as I sat alone after a meditation session, a still shadow hung heavily across my shaken mind, I tried to avoid the possibility I couldn’t help but loath. 


Looking up in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the young man staring back at me. His face slightly contorted, struggling to understand the meaning of the sound and fury playing loudly in his body. He looked like a character in the play I directed in high school. A blind man trying to see…or a bald man trying to sing…


”Please, God...Universe...Jesus?...Whoever's up there, please tell me what to do..."




I felt like Neo when he was first being told by Morpheus that he and all other humans were living inside a computer simulation, only I didn’t really understand what that meant nor did I have a Morpheus character to directly lead me out of the Matrix.


“Red pill or blue pill, Bron?”


I was terrified to take either. I cried many times at the thought of leaving the path I had been insanely passionate about my entire life. It was so secure compared to the countless unknowns of the new pull of my soul.


Leaving school was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life. Without knowing how or why at the time, I soon sank into a depression that lasted for the better part of the following 4 years. 


The loss of my actor identity combined with the extreme lack of clarity of how to proceed on my new path (I continued to doubt and judge the validity of my new calling for years) left me feeling mentally, physically and emotionally numb. 


It felt as though my ego was stripped bare of all conceptual meaning to the point where I didn’t know what to hang onto anymore.


What is real? What is fake? Who am I? What am I doing? Is there a point in living?


For many days I didn’t want to get out of bed, and sometimes didn’t. I put on a mask in public to hide my pain which only made it worse. I wouldn’t dare let anyone know that the new aspiring life coach was, in reality, going through a path of dark disillusionment himself. 


I was more concerned with appearing enlightened rather than actually being enlightened. In truth, I didn’t know how to deal with my suffering and situation any other way.


Most of my time was spent alone in my room reading or listening to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louis Hay, Esther Hicks, Neal Donald Walsh, Don Miguel Ruiz, Tony Robbins…and any other Morpheus figure I felt made both logical and spiritual sense to me at the time. With glimmers of hope here and there, I remained on a weekly rollercoaster of emotion.


The song my soul sang that initially inspired me on this path did not get quieter over the years. Even when I attempted to shut it out completely by distracting myself with unfulfilling career goals and shallow romantic relationships, I would still be met with the same song playing inside my chest when I slipped into bed at night.


My purpose is to help people remember who they truly are and how to create what they truly want in their lives.


With determination to heal myself and connect with my music, I slowly learned how to integrate a more authentic and empowered sense of self into my daily life experience.


Through rigorous study and practice, I eventually came to learn that the core reason I had become so depressed is because I, like so many people, was trying to find my sense of meaning, purpose and love in all the wrong places.


The Dark Night of The Soul is a process one might go through in their life that is often triggered by the loss or failure of a career path, relationship or outer goal in which they feel strongly identified with. When the person loses their concept of self, they are met with a stark realization.


“If I don’t have ___________, ___________ and ___________, then who am I, really?”


They suddenly realize that their entire life has been spent trying to be happy and fulfilled by something outside of themselves without first being unconditionally happy and fulfilled with the person they are first, which often results in a life of quiet desperation.


With the lack of high quality spiritual and psychological education in our world, it is easy for this person to remain confused, alone and often depressed, not being able to comprehend how to successfully unplug from “The Matrix” and move forward on their path.




My story isn’t here to convince you that healing your depression will be necessarily easy. If fact, if you’re like I was and most others, it’s likely something you’ve been trying to deal with and heal for a long time.


By looking at the millions of people who currently claim to experience some form of depression, it’s safe to say that the majority of our population are severely uneducated on how to naturally and holistically heal themselves. 


Even so, at the very least, my story is meant to convince you to not give up on your path towards healing.


There were many days I wanted to end my life but the teachers I looked up to played a significant role in my choosing to keep going.


At the very most, I want to be a voice and source of education in your life that directly helps you step fully into your psychological and emotional freedom.


When people ask me today how I healed my depression I tell them three universal facts that, when accepted and acted on fully, provide a very real possibility for anyone to have a complete positive transformation.


I personally invite you to read the following with a high willingness to learn and change, meaning that the value you get out of it will be directly proportional to your desire to accept these concepts, even if they initially go against what you were taught to believe about depression, as well as put them into practice.


If you want to heal your life, then it is up to you to make the choices that will give you that result.



1. Your Emotion Is In Your Full Control


Your emotions are your bodies reactions to your thoughts. 


Your thoughts come from what you focus on. 


Your focus comes from whatever you give your attention to most of the time. 


If you can learn to control your attention, you can learn to control your emotions.


Read the last four sentences as many times needed in order for it to sink in fully. When you understand where your emotions come from, you have the power to fully transform your life.


2. Blame Is The Biggest Gateway To All Negativity


Most people believe that the way they feel is caused by an external person, circumstance or event. 


When _______(External experience)___________ happens I feel ________(Negative Emotion)__________.


If this were true in reality then it would consistently follow that everyone would have the same negative (and positive) emotions in response to the same external experience. 


But we know that the opposite is true. Everyone reacts differently to every external experience to some degree.


Blaming or holding anyone responsible for the way you feel, whether positive or negative, strips you of your highest power, which is your ability to consciously choose your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You Can Reclaim Your Power At Any Time


The way you respond to the world around you has been, for the most part, conditioned into you by your environment from the time you were a baby. Most people never accept, however, that from the time they have the ability to consciously discern for their own personal well being (between ages 8-12), they also have the full capability to change their perceptual conditioning at their very will.


By becoming more aware of how you’ve been conditioned to think, and therefor feel, in every area of your life, the easier it will be for you to choose better feeling thoughts, and thus manifest better feeling relationships with all people, things and circumstances. 


With persistent practice, it is possible for anyone to completely change their preconditioned mind into whatever they desire.


3. Your Emotions Are Your Highest Source Of Guidance Towards Living A Happy and Fulfilling Life


Good thoughts feel good.


Bad thoughts feel bad.


Your emotions are your most intelligent source of information and guidance in regards to living your best life for you.


If you cared about nothing more than feeling good now, and to think about things in a way that feels good to you, then you would start creating a life for yourself that you would not just accept as worthy, but also full of deep meaning, joy and enthusiasm.


Trust that when you follow your best feeling thought, you can, with practice, train yourself into a life where you are not just experiencing positive emotion, but also rendezvousing with people and circumstances that are in alignment with your newly developed attitude. It is true that birds of a feather flock together.


The better you get at consciously relaxing your mind and body into a good feeling place, the more you will experience the life you were meant to live.




I spent many years trying to hide my pain. It was the only way I knew how to deal with it.


After accepting the responsibility to create the change I wanted within, it was a gradual process of training myself to think and feel in ways that genuinely made me happy and more successful in life.


Do I still get mad, sad or depressed?


The honest answer is rarely. When I do, I have the tools to practice myself back into a healthy minded state of being so that I can live life by my design.


I am now on a mission in life to help as many people as I can reclaim their sense of mental and emotional power and well being so they can fully step into whatever it means to them to live their best life.


If you’re ready to start making these kinds of transformational changes in your life, I invite you to book a free coaching consultation with me now.


With love,


Bron Johnson