I help people remember who they truly are and how to create what they actually want in life.


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"Isn't everyone a Life Coach nowadays?...Not what I expected!"

Stephanie Prentice

The Market

Vernon, BC

"Bron! I truly appreciate our sessions. You have changed my life. It’s something that I will never forget. You helped give me a lot of strength and courage to take the steps I needed in my relationship and life in order to move forward and achieve the things I wanted. Thank you."

Linda Nguyen

Owner, The Beauty Bar

Vernon, BC


"If you are interested in bringing greater focus and direction into your life then Bron Johnson will assist you in looking deeply into not just the conditions of your life and the circumstances that surround you, but also delving deeply into your souls purpose, and your unique destiny. Bron’s deep caring, insight and generosity of Spirit helps bring together the practical and the mystical."

Dr. Patrick Cameron

Spiritual Director

Centre for Spiritual Living

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"Bron is able to discern and uncover the blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs of his clients very quickly. He is then able to coach them on a path that helps them become a vibrational match for their desires, and to manifest their dreams. He has a deep understanding of human potential, and knows how to help his clients get great results. It's always a pleasure to work with him."

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Erin Pavlina

Intuitive Counsellor