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"Isn't everyone a Life Coach nowadays?...Bron is not what I expected."

Stephanie Prentice

Vernon, BC


"Bron! I truly appreciate our sessions. You have changed my life. It’s something that I will never forget. You helped give me a lot of strength and courage to take the steps I needed in my relationship and life in order to move forward and achieve the things I wanted. Thank you."

-Linda Nguyen,

Owner of The Beauty Bar,

Vernon, BC

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"Bron Johnsons ability to intuitively connect and tap into the presence of people's truth is remarkable. If you are interested in bringing greater focus and direction into your life then Bron will assist you in delving deeply into your souls purpose, and your unique destiny. His deep caring, insight and generosity helps bring together the practical and the mystical."

-Dr. Patrick Cameron

Spiritual Director

Centre for Spiritual Living

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"Bron Johnson’s presence is a true gift to anyone who comes into his life. His joy is infectious and permeates everything he does and believes in. His coaching style is inspiring, playful, and full of curiosity. He’s able to shed light in the deepest, darkest places of one’s psyche and invite a warmth of possibility to emerge. His intuition guides me to insights that are hidden in my blind spot and it’s done with such gentleness, compassion, laughter, and love."

-Agnes Tong

Professional Actor

Vancouver, BC

"Bron is able to discern and uncover the blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs of his clients very quickly. He is then able to coach them on a path that helps them become a vibrational match for their desires, and to manifest their dreams. He has a deep understanding of human potential, and knows how to help his clients get great results. It's always a pleasure to work with him."

-Erin Pavlina

Intuitive Counsellor

Las Vegas, NV

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"Bron has outstanding energy and an absolutely amazing attitude towards life. He has an understanding and power that uplifts and motivates you. He can teach you how to keep your attitude in check while manifesting your vision. After attending his sessions I have acquired much more business, in a short period of time, been able to lead my team more successfully and to get the main thing -- RESULTS! Anyone looking to become a healthier, more goal oriented, persistent human being can highly benefit from the energy and understanding Bron serves you on a gold platter!"

-Travis Proznik


Vancouver BC

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"I highly recommend Bron’s coaching services. Being an experienced professional coach myself, I’ve witnessed a lot of other people’s coaching, and Bron is one of the strongest coaches with whom I’ve worked. He has an amazing ability to ask you the questions that get you to look at the heart of a matter… and then to create a truly neutral, non-judgemental space for you to discover your answer, whatever that may be. It was this high level of presence and awareness that had me originally ask him to be my coach. Every coaching conversation I had with him brought me new discoveries about myself and the situations I create for myself, giving me keys I needed to unlock the doors I’d been wanting to walk through in life."

-Michelle Bradley

Vancouver, BC


"I approached Bron earlier this year when I found typical therapies were just not working for me. I felt I needed to step outside the box moving forward. Our sessions have given me the skills to balance life's daily pressures, business, and family life. It was a great choice for me and I have recommended Bron's services to friends and family with confidence."

-Fiona Hook

Professional Photographer

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"I don't know how he does it but Bron has this rare ability to be able to tap into any other person and get such an accurate reading on where they are in life, whats holding them back and most importantly what information or guidance he can offer to help move them forward. All of which is done with love and compassion. Bron has and continues to help me profoundly! Upon each session I have massive shifts within myself. After talking to Bron I feel more connected to myself, my real purpose and the steps I need to take to bring about my utmost desires. I believe from the fibre of my being Bron can change the world. That change starts within each one of us."

-Denai Johnson

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

"Bron! You are a truly inspirational human! Your ability to fully listen & truly hear the pain lingering behind the words is remarkable.  Thank you for guiding me in the direction to loving and forgiving myself for being imperfect.  You are a beautiful soul & thank you for sharing your light with the world.


The way you put things is so easy to have self compassion! Learning a new language! For the win again.  I literally printed out sections of what you have said to me the last few days and put it on the wall in our meditation/healing room."

-Tiffany Barton

Vernon, BC

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"Bron’s abilities are outstanding! His passion and dedication for what he does are reflected in every coaching session I attend. From the moment I started working with Bron, he was able to connect with me, gauge where I am, and provide me with relevant skills to create the now, clearer vision I have for myself. I highly recommend Bron’s services as it’s been an exciting personal growth journey and life changing experience."

-Mike Donnelly

Vernon, BC

"Before my partner started getting sessions with you, she saw other counsellors and would basically always come back in a negative mood or very low energy.


It made me nervous to interact with her.


But when she comes back from your sessions she has a positive energy. Her vibe is optimistic, empowered and fired up.


So from what I can see, in a short period of time, I think your style flows well with her!"


Vernon, BC

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"Bron's information was in alignment with what was festering in my own mind and heart, and with great compassion and exceptional skill, he validated the truth for me. After speaking with him, I experienced tremendous relief because I know I am on the right path and in my right and perfect place, doing what I came here to do."

-Rev. Dr. Maureen Hoyt

Minister of Religious Science

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