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2 Years 🎂

I didn’t quit drinking because it’s “bad” or wrong to drink.

I quit because I was developing a toxic relationship with alcohol that was starting to consume my thoughts and behaviour on a daily basis.

I still have some shame around how I acted in those past few years, whether drunk or sober — I didn’t always show up as the man I want to be and I’m still processing + working towards being my authentic self without the filter of substance.

I don’t share this to celebrate my 2 years of sobriety as much as I am sharing it to remind those who may want to be reminded:

As hard as it is to make changes in our lives where it’s challenging to do so…

It is possible.

It can be done.

There will never be a day where we get EVERYTHING we want complete because there will always be another bench mark that inspires us to be, do and have more on a soul level.

As cheesy as this might sound, it’s true.

Fucking believe in yourself. Believe in your greatness. And more than anything:

Get around others who believe in you too. Consider this a reminder that you’re allowed to set healthy boundaries with people who aren’t a match for what you want for your life anymore.

There are a lot of humans out there who want to see you fucking SOAR.

Are you leaning into those relationships and making space for them?

You’re worth it. You’re worth everything you want.

It’s one thing for me to say that and it’s another thing for you to fucking own it ❤️ You got this 🔥

Here’s to another year of sobriety and all the people who have supported me so far. Thank you! I love you!!!


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