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Grateful For Doing "The Work" With People I Love

Heart is full for being trusted to do “the work” with some of my favourite humans! This is just one of them.

Mental health is a fragile subject and one that I’m very passionate about.

There is no “perfect state of being” (it doesn’t exist) — but there is an improved one relative to where you are right now on your path.

When ready, my advice is to find a teacher, counsellor, therapist, coach etc. that YOU feel safe with to talk about + heal whatever may be hindering you from living the fullest expression of who you really are.

Consistent safe connection with people you trust + having the courage to get real with ourselves is the first step to living the life we say we want.

The myth is that once we heal our trauma, it’s healed forever and we never feel “those emotions” again.

The reality is that over time we learn how to relate to our past, present and future in ways that doesn’t send us spiralling downward — we can learn to experience what happened to us as a way to heal and be a stronger, more potent version of who we really are…

And that makes it all worth while.

The more work we do, the more resilient (and joyful) we become.

(Client feedback shared with his permission)

Hope this served you 💚

Sending love to everyone! 🙏🏼


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