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Call Bullshit on Your Ego

Consider that the reason for your unhappiness

Is because you're using flawed measuring sticks to rate the quality of your life.

The biggest flawed measuring stick of all is the one that says, "I'll be happy WHEN..."

I'll be happy when I get my lover.

I'll be happy when I get more money.

I'll be happy when I lose weight.

I'll be happy when I achieve my dreams.

Happiness doesn't exist in any of these scenarios because none of them are real yet.

But a part of you (your ego) wants them to be real so bad that you don't believe you can be happy until you get them.

Bullshit! It's just not true, because in reality you don't need *anything* to be happy other than your desire to take your power back from outside circumstances, and back into your heart where it belongs.

This means that you can still have authentic desires for your life like the ones mentioned above.

But when you *fully* accept and embrace that those desires won't make you any happier than you can make yourself right *now* is the moment you can take a dramatic short cut to your life purpose.

Your life purpose is all about enjoying each moment towards whatever your heart and soul is calling you towards in life.

Realize that the manifestation of your desires is an integral and wonderful aspect of our experience as human beings, but it is not the main reason we're here.

We're here for JOY, and everything that comes along with that will please you far more than *any* future goal you can think of right now.

Call bullshit on your ego the next time it tries to convince you that your happiness resides in the future. It doesn't. It's fully available to you right *NOW*.

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.


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