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Self Love Masterclass: The Good & Bad

This past Wednesday was the last night of facilitating my first online Self Love & Confidence Masterclass!

For six weeks, starting May 13th, 2020, me and 12 other women went on an exploration of what it really means for people to have deeper levels of self love and confidence in their lives and how to begin integrating these ideas into our daily experience.

My primary intention in creating the program was to host a space for people to only feel safe to explore their own points of healing, but also their primary points of power. I.e- their individual passions, life purposes, and dominant desires.

Overall it was a great learning experience with some very fun opportunities for growth for not only the attendees, but myself as well.

Here were three unsolicited testimonials I received throughout the program:

"Being in your class has helped me find my inner worth on such a deep level. It was THE BEST masterclass I've ever attended."

"I am freaking loving our Wednesday’s nights!! I truly look forward to it and oh my god the difference with me is beyond noticeable thank you 🙏 "

"Really, Bron, this info is gold.....this needs to get out to more people.....I'm so proud of you!!! This is amazing work that's going heal and change people's lives for the exciting!!"

It's so wonderful to know that the knowledge and information is landing for people at a deep level.

However, I also wanted to touch on the unexpected challenges and learning lessons I encountered:

Heavy Technical Distraction

I didn't expect to feel so limited in my ability to really connect with everyone through the Zoom interface.

This isn't a critique of the platform itself, but more so the fact that so much of my conscious attention had to be placed on managing the technical ins and outs of each class.

Examples: Resending meeting access links that, for whatever reason, aren't working...making sure everyone gets placed in the right break-out meeting rooms...clicking "mute" and "unmute" constantly throughout the class...and so much more I didn't expect.

I felt that each one of these bumps interrupted the natural flow and rhythm I usually feel when leading people through the work. Because of this, it really took away from my ability to really tune and and listen to each attendee on a deep level. Often times I felt less like a facilitator of a Masterclass (my passion) and more of a technical operator (no bueno).

At least when I do the next one I'll be far better prepared to navigate it properly so I can spread my attention more efficiently and effectively.

Reading The Room

Even though I anticipated this challenge more than any other, I didn't expect it to be an actual inhibitor for me to deeply enjoy each class. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy the experience, but the difference between hosting an online class and hosting one in person was far greater than I expected.

I was heavily reminded that so much of the reason why I love coaching people is actually being able to "tune into" someone's vibe and connect with them on a deep level. Because the nature of the online platform, it was very challenging to read people's body language.

"Can you hear me?... Why did you drop out of the call? Stop! *Waving hands.* Your mic isn't working... You're having technical difficulties?... Your video is lagging; is this information landing/resonating with you all?"

A facilitator doesn't have to be concerned with any of these interruptions in a live setting.


When you are in a live class setting, you are interacting with humans in the flesh. It's more connected and "real." For this reason, people will not only feel much more inclined to be accountable for listening, learning and applying the information presented, but also to uphold each others desires for their process with the work.

In a live setting, you cannot turn off your video with the audio still on and go make yourself some food while the presenter is still talking. But on Zoom you can.

This is just one example of how someone can so easily disconnect from their own journey and deprive themselves of receiving the value they signed up for, whether they're aware of it or not.

What's Next?

I've decided that I'm going to host another class, but I'm not sure when yet.

I'd like to take some quality time to observe what worked and what didn't, and improve the class to make it that much powerful for future attendees!

If you're interested in being apart of the next class, you can let me know here. I will contact you when we're ready to rock and roll! 😎🎸


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