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We Should Start Calling a Masterclass by its Real Name...

Like many entrepreneurs, I have also been guided in the past to “launch my own masterclass” by the marketing gurus… when we both knew that I wasn’t actually a master.

So why are we still being taught that good marketing means inadvertently lying to people?

Because that’s what most big corporations do.

My favourite and most cringiest example I can think of: “Open Happiness.” - Coke.

Underneath the unethical marketing, we know that if we called our products what they truly are, a lot of the time they wouldn’t sell (I’ll have another glass of delicious diabetes sugar water please!)

I’m not making this post to shit on anyone haha (unless you actually are maliciously lying to people to make money, then you probably do deserve to get diabetes)…

I’m making it because most of us genuinely DO want to help people while making an honest living.

And some people may think calling it a “masterclass” when you’re not a master isn’t a big deal, but it is relative to what it actually means to create ethical business.

We don’t have to lie. At all! If anything, what people are craving more than anything is the f’ing truth in a world filled with so much BS.

I’ve felt I’ve had to misrepresent myself in the past so many times in order to be successful, when all it really did was pull me away from expressing myself authentically both in my personal and professional life. (That isn’t fun)

Be who you really + add value to people’s lives + believe in your mission = success you can be humbly proud and excited about!

…And maybe one day we’ll be masters at our craft! 😉❤️

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