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Surrender to Your Creator

Surrender to your creator

And you will find the love you have been searching for

Your entire life

I have a very raw heart this morning as I sit and process what this past year means to me…

What it means to my family…

What it means to my friends…

What it means to the people I want to serve…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my journey so far it’s that we are better people when we get really fucking honest with our selves…

Honest about our limitations

Honest about our pain

Honest about where we still want to grow to make our lives better

Without this honesty our lives feel like an empty shell

And when the party is done

And you go home to lay your head on the pillow

You have to ask yourself what it was all really for

If you haven’t surrendered to a higher power

You will always be in the grips of your ego

Searching for love in incomplete places

I invite you to find solace in that unknown space within your self

Where deep down, you know the answers really are

The freedom you seek will forever be there

Waiting for you patiently

To surrender

✅1 Year of Sobriety

❤️I love you all

Keep going❤️


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