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Lil Life Update

It’s been a strange year with everything going on in the world + the forest fires in my area, as well as going through a breakup with the woman I thought I was going to marry.

In the past I have posted a lot of personal shit online with the intention of connecting with and helping others…but with everything going on, I decided to take a break from how much I was posting for almost a year now.

All I’ll say about the breakup is that we ultimately wanted different things. Despite our love being extremely strong, there were some significant communication breakdowns mainly due to it being a long distance relationship…Neither of us were willing to move to each others respective cities. And as petty as that might sound, in hindsight, I now see that being with her was one of the greatest learning lessons I could have relative to what I now want in a partnership with a woman.

As devastating as it was to end things with her, I send her nothing but love and positive wishes for her future. She’s an amazing woman and I’m happy she’s moving on to more of what makes her happy!

Another big reason I stopped posting so much online was because I started to get really busy with coaching clients, which was largely the point of me posting in the first place — I wanted to help people 1:1 and it worked overall, and I’m excited to continue building my practice over this next year!

Aside from getting ordained next month with The Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (please don’t call me Reverend Johnson 😂), I’m also registering to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, working with Corinne Ropp of YOU Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy (SO excited!!!).

I look at this as not only an opportunity to help my clients create deeper positive change in their lives, but also to hopefully one day combine it with entertainment shows! And now that internet speeds are fast enough to facilitate hypnosis sessions over ZOOM (something you couldn’t do just a few years ago), I could work from anywhere in the world as well as offer to do hypnosis shows at destination resorts, grad shows, etc!

Overall, I feel more satisfied than I ever have in life. Even though I have been up and down with my physical health in the past, I have been focusing on going to the gym consistently for about 7 months now and intend to continue + evolve this habit!

...That's my life update in a nutshell! I’m sending you all a shit ton of love right now!!! Even though that was a very hard year, I feel extremely grateful and excited for what’s to come.


PS- I wasn't going to share this here but I JUST made something to help people develop a deeper habit of Self Love. I’m actually really proud of it! It's free with no BS offers attached, a gift from me to you -- click here if you want to check it out! 😁


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