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Judo Chops & Real Running Time

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Went to the track today to find out my real running time/kilometre because the route I have been doing is mostly uphill. There was a security guard that came on the track to tell me it’s closed and that I had to leave. I wanted to give him a firm judo chop to the throat but instead I just tried to find flat land to run nearby and here was the result lol.

I’ve never been the fastest runner and I didn’t start for the purpose of getting faster, but seeing my daily progression has been cool and fun.

I’d like to keep improving my time as I continue intermittent fasting and eating healthy. Does anyone know of a track in Vernon that’s not closed?

#AppreciationPostChallenge #Day84 - almost bringing a security guard swiftly to his knees via a classic clean throat chop, 👋🏽 but instead staying focused on what I came there to do 😎


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