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Still Strong: A Valentine's Day Poem

Sometimes I hate that you're my source of love But every breath I take is because of you Even when you're broken from pain You keep pumpin' along to bring me right through

You've told me lies when I thought I knew truth I've put it all on the line, yet again, for another Tell me, how is this time going to be different? If you crack again I may turn to a brother

Look again for clarity in the eyes online OK cupid, whatever Tinder, won't you be my bumble? My fingers exhausted, not just from swiping left This midnight search always renders me humble

Do I double down again or just quit altogether How much more can we take of this ongoing gamble? Out again tonight, not to give us false hope You'll laugh at me again as I sit there and ramble

To ease my tension, I make a break for the bathroom You smile at me in the mirror, yet all I see is angst Looking for love in all the wrong places, I know But your beat, still strong, my heart, and for that I give thanks.

#AppreciationPostChallenge #Day14 - The human struggle to connect back to our source of love. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. ❤️😉

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Artwork by: Alphachanneling. Go to their website or follow them on insatrgam Poem by: Bron Johnson


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