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You are Loved by Your Source

A moment reminder

You are so incredibly loved, adored and supported by your source.

How do I know this?

Because I've lived years of my life when I felt mostly self-hatred, anger and depression, and I've lived years of my life being consciously connected to this infinite stream of well-being.

The energy that pumps blood through your heart, that keeps our earth in perfect proximity to the sun, that grows the blades of grass in our fields, that 'moves' birds to fly in perfect synchronicity with one another:

It's the same "energy" that binds all-that-is together. When you open yourself to this energy, life feels GREAT. It feels easy. It feels calm. It feels relaxing. It feels FUN and adventurous. It feels...creative!

You can either create a mindset that is open to this truth, or turn yourself away from it. Either way, it will always be available to you. Choosing to live in harmony with it, however, makes for a far more worthwhile and fulfilling life!


#AppreciationPostChallenge #Day59 - Consciously connecting with the underlying energy field of all-that-is and shouting it from a mountain top. 😉


I decided to do a fun challenge starting February 1st, 2020 where once a day I write an appreciation post on Facebook about someone or something in my life and do it as long as I can.

You can follow the journey on Facebook, or feel free to start a challenge for yourself and tag me in it; i'll read and comment on it!

Have an awesome day!

With love,



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