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Considering Conspiracy Theories During Covid-19

To those who have been posting and talking about conspiracy theories online:

1. There’s nothing really new going on in terms of a conspiracy that’s set to "dominate" humanity. When you look closely, the root of most of our global issues arise from our vastly corrupt debt-based monetary system that has been quite successful at robbing the general public of their time and energy, and will continue to do so as long as it’s in place.

2. A lot of what people are saying about our situation is mere speculation. In other words, why make a lot of noise about it unless there’s solid evidence to support it? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t talk about it. But even if the theories are true, are you continuing to focus more on the problem or are you brainstorming and discussing solutions that seek to help the situation?

3. Stop giving your power away. It’s true that the global elite’s agenda has been set to systematically enslave the human race through corrupt government, economic, social, religious, environmental, food and health systems. However, if we are going to make the changes we say we want, we must stop blaming our corrupt leaders for our problems and instead accept total responsibility for our outcomes. Think critically about it - our leaders and systems have as much power as we choose to give them.

4. Don’t be scared of what they’re trying to do because every time you give into fear, you’re adding to the disempowered energy they want everyone to feel. (Some would argue that they literally feed off of it). Their goal is to keep people in that fearful, disempowered state so that they can continually push their agenda forward. Instead, we must consciously choose to RISE UP and focus on what we can control: our reaction to the situation and all things. From there we will be able to focus our energies in more creative and productive ways that serve us rather than hinder us as a species.

An empowered race will not put up with the kind of BS the corrupt leaders have been trying to pull for centuries. If you ask me, their time is drawing thin. Not only because these systems are designed to eventually fail, but more so because people are seeing the truth of what’s really happening and are not going to stand for it.

This really is the time of awakening: the time for humanity to see that we’re all working towards a simple goal which is to be genuinely peaceful, happy and thrive in our own individual pursuits. The war mindset is a paradigm of the past and will not survive in a world full of people who honestly desire peace.

I’m personally excited for the future. Theres never been a better opportunity for us to check ourselves to see what’s really working for us and what’s not. From this perspective, no conspiracy theory will ever really matter as much as we might think it does.

❤️ As always, sending love and light out to everybody! Amongst the chaos, find peace within. It’s always there waiting for you. All you have to do is get quiet and tune in. ✌


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