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When I was younger and wanted to be an actor, it was because I wanted to make people feel something they’ve never felt before…

In my opinion, there is a tremendous amount of fluff that gets made nowadays to satisfy the more primitive parts of our brain.

Violence. Sex. Glorified chase scenes…

And even though all of those have their place in entertainment from time to time — no judgment — I wanted to talk about a series I just binged while K.O’d on my couch the past two days.

Big Little Lies, staring Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, and several other dynamite performers, shares a deeply moving and relevant story I think everyone could take something away from.

“We go to the movies so that we can feel emotions we don’t always allow ourselves to feel in real life,” one of my acting teachers would always say.

In my opinion, the best theatre and film is about reflecting both the pain and joys of the human experience so that we can celebrate, learn and grow from it in a safe way.

This show very tactfully and artistically deals with the primary theme of domestic violence and sexual abuse — one of the many important topics in our world that needs more compassionate attention for proper change and healing to take place.

I’m so happy, specifically for the recognition Nicole Kidman received for this role. Her performance moved me to tears as she flawlessly mirrored the silent suffering of the millions of humans who are currently victims to this kind of violence on a daily basis.

I’m so grateful for this show and although it sounds to be unlikely, I really hope they bring it back for a third season to continue the creation of brilliant art…and the necessary reflections and conversations that follow in our world.

You can watch Big Little Lies now on CRAVE or anywhere else HBO TV is streamed.


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