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Do You Ever Really Stop?

I sat down at my desk this morning with a delicious cup of coffee in hand to write out my gratitude list.

I got two points in when an overwhelming inspiration to write this poem came over me.

It came from a deep state of the appreciation I feel for every part of life right now, mainly for my mom and dad whom I've always been close with throughout my childhood.

However, in my more adult life now, I feel deeply lucky to call them two of my best friends.

This one's for you guys:


Do You Ever Really Stop?

Do you ever really stop

To hold those you love

And spend a few still moments of your morning

In the presence of their arms?

Do you ever really stop

To watch the wind dance past your window pane

In and out of the trees, grass and sunshine

Enough romance to last you the length of a lifetime?

Do you ever really stop

To watch a child crash into the sand

Only to pick herself back up again and stand

To conquer this ‘cruel’ playground we’re all in?

Do you ever really stop

To marvel at the mystery

Of the quiet, gentle force beneath your body --

Healing your wounds as you sleep through the night?

Do you ever really stop

To breathe in that moment before you close your eyes

To ask if the meaning of your life

Can be known within this endless, perfect dream?

Do you ever really stop?


Love you mom and dad.


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