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Letting Go Of Alcohol

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

As of today, it's been the longest I've gone without drinking alcohol in over 10 years (32 days and counting). I was never a big drinker in my early twenties, but when I discovered craft beer three years ago, I became passionate about not only the artistry behind it, but also the flavours. My passion turned into more consistent drinking, which in turn became more and more associated in my mind with "having fun." I started to have at least one drink a day, which started to inhibit (and sometimes even hurt) all parts of my life. I had to take an honest look at myself to recognize that the fun that it once added was no longer serving my life purpose or mission. I'm grateful for my friend who invited me to join him in quitting for 100 days, which very soon became a mutual decision to go at least a year without drinking. This has been a really healthy decision for me in all regards. I will assess my relationship with alcohol when the year is up, but for now I couldn't be happier. I'm never going to be someone who says "alcohol is the enemy," because in reality, it's not. It may seem like it is when you're at the grips of it with addiction, but then there are those people who can maintain a healthy balance with it. At the end of the day, it's all about being honest with yourself -- something we get better and better at the more self aware we become. I invite you to talk to someone you trust about something in your life, whatever it is, that you KNOW inside is holding you back, but you haven't yet taken the time to address it. Of course, it takes courage to do this. But the truth is that we all have habits that are limiting us to some degree and there is NO SHAME in talking about them. Being vulnerable about it with the intention to create healthy change is what sets us totally free. ❤️ #AppreciationPostChellenge #Day18 - Letting go of alcohol -- a habit that was no longer serving me, and having the courage to talk about it publicly.

I decided to do a fun challenge starting February 1st, 2020 where once a day I write an appreciation post on Facebook about someone or something in my life and do it as long as I can.

You can follow the journey on Facebook, or feel free to start a challenge for yourself and tag me in it; i'll read and comment on it!

Have an awesome day!

With love,



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