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My Journey with Esther Hicks & Abraham

The truth is, this woman and her work have changed my life.

I started listening to Esther Hicks “channel” the teachings of Abraham (no biblical relation) in 2010 when I first started going through depression.

I had been passionately seeking answers to the questions I had:

Who are we really as a human species?

Why are we really here; what is our life purpose?

What is the true nature of reality, how does it work and what is our relationship to it?

Some people are skeptical, questioning if Esther is actually channeling a voice outside of herself.

But I always respond with, “Well what does it matter where the information is coming from if the information is legitimately making your life better?”

There are many great spiritual and personal growth teachers out there, but Esther and Abraham have helped me with my mental and emotional well-being and answered more accurately my greatest life questions more than any of them so far.

Over the years I’ve been to many of their events around the world, met hundreds of beautiful people, and had the pleasure of speaking with Abraham on a number of occasions.

If you haven’t read her book, Ask and It Is Given, I HIGHLY recommend it! It just may be the answer you’re looking for. It definitely was for me years ago. I even use many of their teachings in my coaching practice today to help my clients and I love it!

Regardless of what teacher YOU resonate with the most, remember that the answers you’re seeking always reside within the wisdom of your heart. If you want to boil down every worthwhile spiritual teaching out there and make it super simple, lead your life with these three words:


Everything you truly want in life is on the path of your own unique bliss.

I love you. You are worthy of everything you desire in this life. ❤️



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