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My Relationship With Steve Pavlina

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

One of my greatest teachers in the past, Steve Pavlina, is the author of one of the most popular personal development blogs on the internet, Personal Development for Smart People, as well as the book of the same title published by Hay House in 2009.

His work has attracted more than 100 million visits online since his first post in October, 2004.

He has been quoted as an expert by the New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Daily News, and many other publications.

I first met Steve back in 2010 at one of his Conscious Growth Workshops in Las Vegas. Him and his X-wife, Erin, were two people I really looked up to in the industry because not only did I find their material to be extremely high quality (I was reading both of their blogs ad nauseam at the time), they also came across as very down to earth, genuine people, as apposed to the questionable "gurus" you can find so much in the field.

Conscious Growth Workshop, Las Vegas, Nevada. January, 2010

I was going through a period of deep unclarity and uncertainty at the time, which soon spiralled into a battle with depression.

The Pavlina's became two people I really appreciated during those years for everything they helped me with; especially Erin. She became one of my closest friends and mentors, and still is to this day. I still see her as one of the most important and impactful people to ever come into my life.

Steve's work, however, helped me tremendously from afar, as I found his blog material deeply satisfying and enlightening to read. I still share some of his posts with my clients today because most of them are timeless and applicable to anyone who is looking for help.

I've always said that Steve has an uncanny ability to communicate higher level personal and spiritual growth concepts in a very simple-to-understand way. Despite some things I don't agree with him on, it is clear that he is an extremely intelligent person with a simple mission that is similar to mine:

To help people live more consciously so they can create more of what they truly want in life.

Steve made a beautiful and rather bold decision to uncopyright all of his blog articles in 2010, meaning anyone can redistribute and use them in any way they want. He's done this because he wants to "encourage a broader commitment to co-creating a more intelligent, growth-oriented world," he says.

Because of this, his work is going to have an even greater impact and help more people for years to come. I love it.

Steve and I having an intense Halo battle in Erin's home in Las Vegas, Nevada. March, 2010.

Who do you think won? 😏

My Fun Little (but not so little) Project

Contrary to my expectation, it came to my attention over the past few years that no one had turned Steve's work into audio form yet.

It's only a matter of time, I thought. Someone is going to do it; his work is too good not to be turned into audio.

I reached out to Steve a few times via email over the years to see if anyone had started it, but other than a few podcasters using only a small fraction of his material on their platforms, nada.

It's true, I'm a total personal and spiritual growth nerd, and the idea of turning his blog into a podcast legitimately excited me. So last month I decided to pull the trigger.

Not only did I see this as an opportunity to help a lot of people in the same way Steve helped me for so many years, I also saw it as a chance to pay tribute to one of the greatest teachers in my field. I'm having a lot of fun with it and have also been picking up nuggets of gold I've been applying in my own life. It's been great!

Aside from the episodes where I share Steves work, I'm also going to be creating episodes where I share my own stories, life lessons and educational material. I considered running two separate podcasts -- one for my voice and one for Steve's voice -- but that sounded unnecessary. Instead I decided to merge the two and make it clear whose voice is whose on each podcast.

This also gives me the chance to create fun, NEW opportunities for people who want help and create more of what they want in life through 1-on-1 coaching, online classes/workshops, masterminds and more! I'm excited for what's to come of it all.

To date, I've released 36 episodes and will be adding new ones every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11AM PST. Steve has more than 1500 articles on his blog and almost all of them are timeless, meaning that the value in them will always be as potent and applicable as when he wrote them years ago.

You can choose to listen to any episode here, or you can listen to my favourite one I've recorded so far, The Courage to Live Consciously. I think you'll really enjoy it!

Stay tuned for more to come! This is just the beginning of some very exciting projects and opportunities that will have a tremendous impact on your life.

Thank you 🖤

Current title cover for The Personal Development for Smart People Podcast


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