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My Thoughts On The Corona Virus So Far

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

People love fear more than they love facts.

Be mindful of the way you're responding to this. Our reaction is creating more chaos than the virus itself.

Stay calm. This is a relatively concerning matter, but the way our society is responding is being driven more by fear than solution based thinking.

Of course, you have the right to look at the situation and decide for yourself what it means to you.

But be conscious that what you make this mean is having a direct affect on your mental/emotional health, and is also influencing the way your friends, children, family and co-workers are experiencing it too.

Fear is contagious, but so is conscious reasoning.

From what we’ve seen so far, there's no doubt that our global systems are going to continue to be intensely affected, not because of the virus itself, but more because of the general populations fear-based thinking around it.

Make no mistake, according to Michael Osterholm, an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease, said that trying to stop the spread of a virus like this is like trying to stop the wind.

This means that the virus is being transmitted predominantly through the air, meaning washing your hands will largely not stop it from being spread.

This obviously doesn’t mean that you should stop washing your hands, it just means that it’s largely not going to stop the spread of this particular virus according to the data.

With all that being said, the fact is the virus itself will not likely do much harm to most people when it arrives. The numbers show that those whose lives are most at risk are people over the age of 55 and those who are already in poor health.

But it is our own behaviours and “fight for yourself above all else” attitude that could produce disastrous results on a global level.

So more than anything, may this be a call for us to be more compassionate to those who are at a higher risk with the intention of being mindful that we’re ultimately all in this together.

Take care of yourself and each other.

In the challenging months to come, it is likely that we will all know someone with the virus. It’s healthier to embrace this fact and take realistic precautions instead of falling into a fear-based mindset thats currently sending the world into a panic.

Rise above fear. Be mindful. Educate properly. Keep your body as healthy as possible. Have patience. Be compassionate towards each other.

We’re going to get through this.

#AppreciationPostChallenge #Day41 - Not giving into fear, embracing proper education, having patience and being compassionate towards eachother during this time.

PS- Here is a factual interview with Michael Olsterholm and Joe Rogan. I learned a lot from it. Recommend listening. <3


I decided to do a fun challenge starting February 1st, 2020 where once a day I write an appreciation post on Facebook about someone or something in my life and do it as long as I can.

You can follow the journey on Facebook, or feel free to start a challenge for yourself and tag me in it; i'll read and comment on it!

Have an awesome day!

With love,



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