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Self Worth Reminder

I never felt “good enough” for myself, the relationships or the career I wanted.

I’ve been studying this question for years and what I’ve learned is that a sense of consistent self-worth does NOT come from outside of you.

It comes from within you.

On some level we all know this to be true; this isn’t new information.

But it’s such an important reminder when we live in a society that hypnotizes us to believe the opposite.

In short, feeling deep self worth comes from living an authentic life.

It comes from doing the things YOU love, regardless of what others think about it.

It comes from having the courage to express your honest thoughts and feelings no matter who you’re speaking to, even on social media.

It comes from doing the things you say you’re going to do because you care about following through on what matters to you the most.

Self worth comes from practicing letting go of needing the approval of others and simply accepting yourself exactly as you are.

The only thing that needs to change in this moment for you to feel more worthy is your perception of yourself.

So practice now being still with yourself. Take a deep breath, imagine your heart opening and give yourself some acceptance and love.

The only person who can decide you are worthy is YOU.

Practice ❤️🧘‍♀️🧘


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