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Someone Asked Me to Give Them an Intuitive Reading Yesterday. Here’s What Happened.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

In 2010 I was taught how to read peoples energy by a professional intuitive counsellor by the name of Erin Pavlina in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To give you an idea of the caliber of her abilities, today Erin charges $300 American for a 15 minute phone reading. I know. Pricey. But she also regularly has a waiting list for clients.

That’s because she’s very skilled at what she does, being able to provide a significant amount of value to everyone she works with.

She’s read for celebrities and was even asked to be on The Oprah Winfrey Radio Show at one point but respectfully declined because she doesn’t desire to be in the spotlight.

After receiving a reading from her in early 2010, I knew I wanted to work with her more. I was one of the first students that went through her intuitive training program.

As the years developed, so did my ability to give real value in my coaching sessions. For fear of being judged for doing intuitive readings on people, however, I didn’t utilize what I had learned through Erin to its fullest potential.

I was going through my own battle with depression at the time and didn’t want the added weight of people’s criticism on me.

At the end of the day I knew that what I wanted was to give people powerful, life changing experiences through my own personalized coaching practice, regardless of the modality I chose.

That being said, I’ve had a lot of fun reading for many people over the years. Some on a professional level, but more so for friends and family members.

Every so often someone reaches out and requests a professional intuitive coaching session from me.

Yesterday was one of those days.

This wasn’t the first time I did a reading for this girl. For the sake of her privacy, let’s call her Amy.

When I tuned into Amy’s energy I was shocked at what I saw. It wasn’t at all what I expected to be discussing with her.

After doing well over a hundred readings over the past decade, I’ve learned to take my ego out of the equation and not judge whatever I pick up on.

Sometimes the feelings, images and knowledge I get are crystal clear. Sometimes I really have to work on deciphering the messages that come in.

Whether you believe in “Spirit Guides” or not, these are said to be non-corporeal beings on the other side that are here to help guide us on our path to live our best life.

I was taught by Erin to “tune in” to the broadcast of my sitters guides to relay whatever messages they have for them.

Yes, I know, this all sounds hokey, especially to someone who hasn’t studied the metaphysics of the universe or the human mind.

Allow me to digress quickly to explain in short how this works from a scientific perspective.

A Brief on Psychic Science

Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein (arguably two of the most intelligent human beings who ever lived) said that the human brain is a transmitter and receiver of vibrational frequency, similar to a radio tower.

They also said that the human mind can pick up on other like-vibrational frequencies through thought-energy when deliberately or non-deliberately focused upon.

The scientific term for this is called “entanglement,” which is when your energy becomes synchronized with someone or something else’s and things start to happen that can’t rightfully be explained using logic alone.

For example, ask does electricity work? How does your cell phone instantaneously connect with another cell phone on the other side of the world without it being physically connected to anything? How does wi-fi and bluetooth technology work?

Think about all the phenomenal technology we use on a daily basis that we take for granted. Most of us don’t even consider the real quantum physics behind it all but that doesn’t stop us from using it and reaping all the amazing benefits.

According to the geniuses of our time, the human mind, in this regard, works in a similar way. The main difference, however, is that our brains are far more powerful and can pick up on frequencies from anywhere in the universe in an even shorter amount of time than your cell phone or a radio tower.

We’ve all had the experience of thinking about someone and then almost simultaneously they call or text you.

Or what about when you spontaneously run into a friend or stranger multiple times in a day or week without meaning to.

Or when you’re thinking of wanting to do something and in a relatively short amount of time the opportunity to do it spontaneously falls into your lap with little to no effort from you. Someone “randomly” invites you or you see an advertisement for it.

The "twilight zone" feeling in your gut can't be ignored yet trying to explain it remains challenging.

There are many other examples of “big” and “small” coincidences that Deepak Chopra calls synchrodestiny.

How and why do all these things happen?

The skeptic will chalk it up to be nothing more than mere coincidence.

The quantum physicist will say these experiences and synchronicities alike are a result of your thought-energy becoming aligned with the energy of a co-creative counterpart. To our physical perception, the results can seem "weird" or even miraculous, yet it’s all very real.

Through exercises in focus and meditation, Erin taught me how to synchronize my brain with whatever frequency I wanted, including the energy of the person I’m reading for and their Spirit Guides. This enables me vast leverage to get to the truth of what’s really going on with someone and give them accurate feedback on how to move forward on their path.

Learning to do this is similar to learning a new language. By using different intuitive modalities, one can exercise their psychic communication skills just like a muscle and get better and better with practice.

Obviously there is a lot more to this discussion but I just wanted to give a brush over for now.

What Did Amy’s Guides Show Me?

Excuse me? I thought, as I tuned into Amy’s guides. Surely, you can’t be serious.

They showed me an image of Amy laying on a bed naked with her legs up in the air, a vibrator in hand, having what appeared to be a healthy, sensual experience with herself.

Despite my initial professionalism resisting this image, as I looked at it more closely, it wasn’t "off" by any means. The feeling I got was that this was a girl that was aiming to develop a more loving, accepting and abundant relationship with her own sense of sexuality.

What if she laughs at me? What if she doesn’t resonate with what I’m picking up and she thinks I’m a total creep? What if I’m wrong and all this intuitive stuff is total BS?

The voice of the ego always try’s to protect us from perceived danger. It’s important to know, however, what danger is based in reality and what's being made up in our heads.

When I got on FaceTime with her I prefaced the reading the same way I always do with people.

I say something along the lines of, “If you don’t resonate with what I’m picking up on, that’s okay. My job is to tell you what I’m receiving with no filter and your job is to tell the truth about if it resonates or not. Regardless, we will get to the truth of your matter and you’ll walk away feeling clear minded and empowered on how to move forward on your path.”

In my experience so far, 90% of the time the information I pick up on is accurate. That doesn’t stop me from ever feeling somewhat reluctant to being totally vulnerable with what I’m getting, especially when it’s a vision of my client masterbating on her bed.

In a professional manor, I relayed the information to Amy. Sure enough, she laughed.

But it wasn’t the laugh of ridicule. It was a laugh I’ve heard so many times before after telling someone something that resonates deeply with them.

“Yes, that’s accurate...and crazy,” said Amy’s smiling red cheeks. “It is something I’ve been developing and working on for myself over the past few months.”

She then revealed to me that she recently just met a young man who, before him, has never had what she would consider to be a good sexual experience with.

“I never really understood what the fuss was about sex...until I met him. It’s been mind blowing, Bron, I can’t even describe it!”

Her face lit up with passion and enthusiasm when she described her new found lover.

“But it sucks,” she continued, her face contorting in disappointment. “We aren’t really hanging out anymore...”

“Ah,” I nodded, “That makes sense to me actually because there was no one else in the picture with you.”

She looked at me puzzled.

“Your guides are trying to tell you that the deep feelings of sensual pleasure you’re experiencing are not coming from anywhere else except from you and the healthy relationship you’ve been deliberately practicing with yourself. This young man is just one wonderful manifestation of all of that. He’s not meant to be a steady partner and that’s okay. Don’t attach yourself to him and the pleasure you’re experiencing.”

Her lip curled with a slight nod of her head, reluctantly accepting the truth of what I was saying.

I then coached her into realizing that what she’s really wanting right now is not necessarily a fun playmate to explore her sexual desires with, but a deeper and more abundant sensual relationship within herself. I told her that the more she loves and accepts herself fully for who she is and what she wants, the partner(s) and experiences will also come to her in abundance.

In our coaching session she felt relief from her need to attach herself to any person or external experience. She began to see that a healthy and abundant relationship with herself has so much more to do with the thoughts and feelings she has about herself than it does how this young man and other men respond to her.

I very much enjoyed my experience with Amy! It never ceases to blow me away how we all have the ability to tune into energy at will and receive valuable, accurate information whenever we want to.

I asked if Amy would share her experience. Here’s what she had to say about the reading.

"I had no idea what to expect going into this journey with Bron, all I knew is that I was looking for some personal direction which I felt excited to work on. What I have received is a deeply powerful force of inspiration which has been getting so much more out of my myself than I thought possible.

Whilst I was very curious of the intuitive sessions I also had my doubts about trusting them to lead the direction of the coaching. But I’ve found them to be intensely engaging and I’m always blown away by what is discovered.

I’m impressed with how Bron can interpret these readings in a way that’s insanely applicable to my life, with clear action points to explore which I always resonate so well with.

Bron inspires me to be more of who I am, I feel very fortunate to have found somebody who I can work with so naturally and so truthfully."


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