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The Universe Spoke to Me

A moment reminder

I just did a meditation And I asked the universe what was happening And she smiled at me in my mind and said, “Exactly what you all asked for, of course.” I smiled back and realized that what she meant was that everything we know that could be considered “wrong” in our world is being jolted out of place. It’s being shaken up and some parts are falling down. But...we have a choice. We don’t have to fall down with those parts. Instead we can see this as a perfect opportunity for mass positive change instead of mass global defeat. We are being shown that in order to win, we must consciously work together. Not just now. But in all aspects of life. We are being shown that we are not separate. Our actions have a direct effect on everyone and everything around us. We are one human team. And so this is one of our endless chances to embrace this reality fully, humble our egos and accept that we are an interdependent species. We must see this truth if we want to come out on the other side and create what we’ve all been asking for: Freedom from that which is no longer serving us. ... “What is happening?” I asked the universe. “Exactly what you all asked for,” she smiled. #AppreciationPostChallenge #Day49 - Seeing that everything truly is working out for us...if we choose to see it that way. ❤️


I decided to do a fun challenge starting February 1st, 2020 where once a day I write an appreciation post on Facebook about someone or something in my life and do it as long as I can.

You can follow the journey on Facebook, or feel free to start a challenge for yourself and tag me in it; i'll read and comment on it!

Have an awesome day!

With love,



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