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This Past Week, I've Really Wanted to Have a Drink!

This past week, I've really wanted to have a drink! It's been hard to remind myself why I stopped when I see others having the kind of fun I used to love to have.

At an unconscious level, it's common for us to think of people who don't drink or do drugs as "better than those who do drink or do drugs," even to a slight degree.

Ironically, it's this judgment and shame paradigm that often holds people in a state of feeling like they need substances to relieve their emotional negativity to begin with! (I.e - "I feel shitty about myself and my life so I drink so I don't have to feel my shit.")

Today, I forgive myself that I'm still craving alcohol and that it is hard for me. I allow myself to think about it and choose not to indulge -- not because I'm supposed to -- but because it's a better choice FOR ME and the values I wish to uphold.

If you're struggling with substance, give yourself the gift of at least talking about it with someone you trust. That doesn't mean you have to quit. But it does mean that you're starting to get real with yourself...and that in itself is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.


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