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What is True Confidence?

Wednesday was the second class of my Self Love and Confidence Masterclass and it's been going really well so far, despite the few technical bumps and hiccups I expected using a new software (Zoom).

I wanted to quickly share an excerpt from the class that I thought you'd like.

True confidence? What the hell is that?

Confidence is your most natural state of being when you have let go of your ego’s illusion of believing it needs something to be happy, including approval and validation from the outside world.

Confidence is not another mask or mental construct you put on in order to feel certain that you can complete or do a good job at something. True confidence is a natural bi-product of non-neediness that emanates from your authentic self.

You are your most confident self when you truly believe and feel that you don’t need anyone’s approval or validation to be the person you really are, and do the things you truly want to do in life.

-Excerpt from my Self Love & Confidence Masterclass.

Been having a lot of fun creating this class so far and the 12 awesome ladies attending have also gotten a lot out of it; stoked for more! ❤️

PS- If you want to register for the next Masterclass, you can do so here.


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