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When 'That Someone' Isn't Interested in You

If that person you’re interested in

Isn’t showing they are interested in you

It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you.

It means that, for whatever reason, they are simply not for you right now.

They may be later. But not right now, and that’s okay.

If they’re not for you at all, then it means there is someone who is a *much* better fit for you out there.

In that case, stop focusing on the ‘heart breaker’ and focus on just *doing you* for now.

Get back to your dreams.

Get back to your goals.

Get back to your highest passions.

Get back to why you’re really here.

And if you don’t know the answers to those questions, this is your time to find them.

Besides, isn’t the point of having an ‘ideal relationship’ to be with someone who is ready to do life on the same awesome level that you’re ready to do life on?

Being in “just any” relationship is *not* better than having no relationship at all.

You’re better than “just any.”

Fall in love with yourself and your life again. You’re worthy of having the relationship you truly desire. Do this and trust that the right person will come in at the perfect time.


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