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The Self-Love and Confidence Masterclass

I’m launching my very first online masterclass next week and I'm SO excited.

12 women have already claimed their spots for it and there is still a growing wait list.

I am thrilled at the thought of taking this journey with these women, not only because this is my greatest passion, but also because I know I’m going to learn a lot too.

Even though I feel very confident in the value the workshop is going to provide the attendees, there are some unknowns that I’m looking forward to experiencing.

For instance, I have no idea if I’m actually going to enjoy doing an online masterclass. I am a total extrovert and a huge part of the fun for me comes from being in physical proximity with the variety of people.

That being said, I love doing 1-on-1 online coaching sessions with people so I don’t really think it’s going to mean a big difference.

Another thing I’m uncertain about is being able to hold the space for 12 individual people at once through a Zoom call interface. By ‘hold space’ I mean having the mental and intuitive capacity to have a solid feel for where everyone is at throughout each class.

Are they getting what I’m saying?

Are they enjoying the conversation and exercises?

Are they experiencing measurable growth?

These are just some of the questions I will be asking in the back of my mind. 1 person is easy for me to do, but 12 people is going to be a whole new experience, especially with the laggy video connection that technology sometimes brings. My ability to “read my audience” will definitely be more challenging but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless!

I’m confident the attendees are going to have a transformational experience to some degree. For some, they will pick up some incredibly valuable knowledge and skills, and for others it just may be the life changing experience they are looking for.

I plan on taking what I learn from this experience and refining the course in order to offer it again in the near future to a broader audience!

It’s going to sell for $197 but I will be offering at least one more round of the class at a discounted price; possibly multiple rounds. I’m thinking anywhere between $47-$97/spot, which is an awesome price for anyone who is ready to make some powerful shifts within themselves.

My goal is ultimately to create a course that has a profound impact on everyone who goes through it, so it makes sense for me to offer it at a discounted price as I continue to refine it.

If you are interested in participating in a future masterclass, let me know here and I will contact you for further details!

Because of the time sensitivity of this post, if you are reading this at a later date, the link in the previous paragraph will bring you to the most recent master class I’m offering.

I hope to meet you face to face or online for our next one!

PS- I make free tools and products to help people live more happy and successful lives. Get the latest one here!


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